Cache River National Wildlife Refuge Water Resource Inventory and Assessment

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This Water Resource Inventory and Assessment (WRIA) for Cache River National Wildlife Refuge summarizes available and relevant information for refuge water resources, including aquatic resource needs and issues of concern, both immediate and long-term. A primary purpose of the document is to provide recommendations to address any perceived water resource related threats, needs, or concerns on the refuge. Topics addressed within the WRIA report include the refuge’s natural setting (topography, climate, geology, soils, hydrology), effects of development within the associated watershed(s), potential effects from climate change, assessment and evaluation of refuge infrastructure in relation to water resources, historic and current water monitoring activities on and near the refuge, water quality and quantity information, and state water use regulatory guidelines.

Description of dataset

All of this information was compiled from publicly available documents (e.g., published and unpublished research reports), databases (e.g., websites maintained by government agencies, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations), and geospatial datasets from federal, state, and local agencies.The primary drivers of threats, needs, and issues of concern identified in this assessment are anthropogenic and environmental stressors occurring within the Cache River Basin (including the Cache River and Bayou DeView) and, to some degree, influences from the White River, which is located at the southern portion of the refuge. These areas together comprise the Region of Hydrologic Influence (RHI) for Cache River NWR.

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