10 Green Careers for the Environmentally Conscious

by Gina Today almost every person wants to be dubbed a green citizen of the planet. Environment protection highly concerns humanity as we see that the consequences of our negligence are irreparable. That’s why people started to pay attention to environmentally friendly jobs. There are plenty of green careers, and their common goal is to make a positive impact on the Earth. […]

Sustainable Jewellery Guide: What To Look For When Shopping for Bling

by Gina We’ve all heard about the dark side of fast fashion: workers getting paid next to nothing, toiling in dangerous conditions to make cheap clothing designed to be discarded after a single wear. Sustainable fashion is a top concern for today’s consumers. But what about when it comes to a charm necklace or simple pair of stud earrings? Diamonds are […]

In Tanzania, carbon offsets preserve forests and a way of life

by Fred Pearce Deep in the Rift Valley of East Africa, close to some of the most ancient human remains ever unearthed, one of the continent’s last hunter-gatherer tribes is embracing 21st century environmentalism. The Hadza people, often called “the last archers of Africa,” are selling carbon credits generated from conserving their forests and using the revenues to employ their […]


by The Climate Reality Project It’s no secret that the climate crisis impacts every creature on the planet. We know that burning oil is a major driver of the climate crisis, but it can devastate our planet even before we use it for fuel. Big Oil, sticking with its theme of environmental and climate indifference, creates ecosystem destruction from cradle […]


by The Climate Reality Project If you want to understand the knotty complexity of making the transition to a sustainable and net-zero world a truly just one, start by looking at bike lanes. By now, of course, most of us have heard something like: “Want to make a difference on emissions? Get out of your car and ride a bike.” […]

Breakthrough Coating Regulates Temperature Without Consuming Energy

by GABReport Scientists have developed an all-season smart-roof coating that keeps homes warm during the winter and cool during the summer without consuming natural gas or electricity. Research findings reported in the journal Science point to a groundbreaking technology that outperforms commercial cool-roof systems in energy savings. “Our all-season roof coating automatically switches from keeping you cool to warm, depending on outdoor […]

Sustainable carpets: What are they and how to find them?

by Nadine Samwell Carpets can be both soft underfoot and hard on the environment. They can also be hard on the indoor air quality of your home due to the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and toxic chemicals. A widely loved flooring favourite for its warmth, comfort and insulating qualities in bedrooms and living areas, carpets are a complicated […]

Five Mile Radius creates sustainable furniture from construction waste

by Nadine Samwell Founded in 2016, the Five Mile Radius studio is a collaboration between a group of architects, tradespeople and educators who are passionate about exploring waste reuse, closed loop thinking and bioclimatic design. They produce their creations by making use of waste salvaged from the local construction industry. The concrete in their Over Pour range is sourced from building sites […]

Meet Paperock TACTILE: It’s matt, it’s colourful, it’s sustainable

by Nadine Samwell Suitable for benchtops, splashbacks, shelving and furniture, Paperock is made from layer upon layer of FSC certified paper which is bonded and cured to create a sustainable and incredibly strong and versatile material. It features in many sustainable homes as well as cafes, bars and restaurants and is becoming a fast favourite due to its stone-like appearance and eco […]

Biofuels are getting a second look — and some tough questions

by Matt Reynolds The borders of the Corn Belt have always been fuzzy. The sprawling patchwork of cornfields that spreads across the Midwestern United States is one of the most productive agricultural regions on Earth. Over 36 percent of the world’s corn comes from the U.S., and almost all of that is grown in the handful of states nestled between the Great […]

Pacific Island nations want more renewable power. Climate financing may help.

by Thomas Heaton n January, a remote island in the Federated States of Micronesia switched on its lights for the first time since before World War II, bringing electricity to 500 households by burning waste from its new coconut-processing facility. In a country where only one in three people has consistent energy access, electrifying Tonoas marked a step toward delivering power […]

Companies are reporting cleaner electricity. Researchers say it’s a mirage.

by Emily Pontecorvo When companies want to cut their electricity emissions, they have a few different options. They can install rooftop solar panels on their factories and stores. They can sign long-term contracts with developers to buy power from new solar or wind farms nearby. Or they can opt for a much cheaper, easier alternative — buying “renewable energy certificates,” […]

With ‘real zero,’ NextEra pushes back against deceptive carbon offsets

by Joseph Winters Image by freepik As companies around the world pledge to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, a major U.S. energy company is charting a different path toward what it’s calling — and trademarking — “real zero.” NextEra Energy announced this month that it intends to achieve “real zero” greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, zeroing out its climate pollution without the […]

Green energy jobs are on the rise as fossil fuel companies lose workers

by Chad Small At least in terms of the job market, 2021 was a good year for renewable energy. A report released earlier this week by the Department of Energy found that nearly every part of the renewable energy sector added jobs last year. And despite a rise in fossil fuel production, the number of oil and gas-related jobs actually declined — with […]

Cryptomining uses a ‘disturbing’ amount of energy, lawmakers find

by Julia Kane Seven of the U.S.’s largest Bitcoin mining companies are set up to use nearly as much electricity as all of the homes in Houston — the nation’s fourth most populous city — according to a congressional investigation of the industry. The findings, released Friday, come as Democratic lawmakers are calling for regulation and cryptominers are increasingly under fire […]

The long, leguminous quest to give crops nitrogen superpowers

by Matt Simon If crops could feel envy, it’d be for legumes. Bean plants have a superpower. Or more accurately, they share one. They’ve developed symbiotic relationships with bacteria that process atmospheric nitrogen into a form that’s usable for those plants — an essential element for building their tissues, photosynthesizing, and generally staying healthy. This is known as nitrogen fixation. […]

How a breakthrough in geothermal could change our energy grid

by Jesse Nichols Newberry Volcano — the largest volcano in the Pacific Northwest — is the site of an experiment that’s aiming for a breakthrough in geothermal energy. The experiment is one small step in the high-risk, high-reward world of next generation geothermal. The goal is to replace fossil fuels with this always-on, renewable energy. The challenge, however, is getting […]

‘If you can’t beat them, eat them’: Inside a growing movement to turn a menace into a main course

by Maddy Lauria l Massa grew up in an Italian family, learning the art of cooking while helping his mother trim tenderloins and prepare mounds of pasta on Sundays. She instilled in him an abiding love of gourmet food, one that was nurtured in Europe and expanded with Creole cuisine while working for the empire of celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse […]

Why algae could be a ‘magic crop’ for a drought-stricken world

by Marigo Farr A t first glance, the operations of We Are the New Farmers and iWi could not look more different. One occupies a 1,200-square-foot space in a warehouse on the waterfront in Brooklyn, New York, where a microscopic organism called Arthrospira platensis grows in stainless steel tanks illuminated by grow lights. The other sits on 300 acres of scrubland in West Texas, where a […]

Against the Grain

by Mickal Aranha T here’s a bucolic beauty to Carmen Fernholz’s farm in Madison, Minnesota. Exploring his 400 acres near the state’s western edge means traversing fields of corn, soybeans, barley, buckwheat, and alfalfa. Not far away, cover crops of red clover, purpletop radish, and yellow sunflower blanket the land alongside a pasture where cows graze and naturally fertilize the […]

What’s the true cost of an induction stove?

by Shannon Osaka & Jesse Nichols For decades, cooking with a gas stove has been seen as the fanciest and most enjoyable way to cook. But are we really better off with natural gas? Climate experts and professional chefs alike say that there is an alternative that could give gas a run for its money: induction stoves. The secret to an induction […]

Sustainability Certifications: What Do They Actually Mean?

by KAYTI CHRISTIAN During a recent trip to Target, I found myself in the personal care section (as one does), and I couldn’t believe how many “clean” and “ethical” beauty products were on the shelves. From vegan hair dye to organic makeup—it was as if the big-box store had suddenly turned into a responsible marketplace. Yet, upon closer inspection, I […]


by MICAELA Have you ever tried to make an eco-friendly habit change? It’s one thing to have a good intention, but another thing altogether to get a new habit to stick. Personally, I’ve found that having the right motivation and the right tools makes a huge difference for me! Since one of my big goals is to continue to reduce […]

Is Recycled Polyester Sustainable? Ft. Everlane

by Karen It appears everything’s made of polyester these days.  Roaming about The Grove in LA with my sister, I followed her into ASOS. As two professionals in our late twenties/early thirties, we are both trying to polish our wardrobes with sleek and expensive looks. However, we were both a little surprised by how much polyester was on the racks. […]

Building green businesses to speed the transition to net zero

by Anna Granskog, Tomas Nauclér (McKinsey) Global attempts to move to a 1.5° pathway rely on our collective ability to scale up new green businesses—and to do so quickly. What exactly will it take to make this happen?1 This question was the focus of McKinsey’s recent Green Business Building Global Summit in Stockholm. More than 350 senior leaders from critical […]

3 Ways To Cut Meat Consumption if You’re Not Ready to Quit

by Chloe Skye Americans eat as much meat as ever, preparing beef and chicken at home at least four nights a week. Yet consuming less meat is one of the best ways to reduce the environmental impacts of our food, commonly known as our foodprint. And while adopting a vegetarian diet is one approach, some people may find this choice extreme or overwhelming. But […]

Warming Oceans and Declining Fish Populations ByEarth911

by Earth911 Ocean temperatures are steadily increasing worldwide due to rising greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere. A significant impact has been a sharp decline in fish populations, which affects more than just our eating habits. The warming oceans threaten global ecosystems, economies, and our way of life. Poor water quality from an overwhelming human presence has caused many disruptions in ocean […]

How To Live Mostly Plastic-free With Small Children

by Madeleine Somerville First of All, Why Avoid Plastic? This may seem obvious, but plastic is one of the most commonly-used polluting substances human beings have ever made. It is typically created from petroleum, which has its own issues, but the biggest problem with plastic is that unlike wood, metal, or natural fabrics, plastic doesn’t react chemically with most other […]

Finland Becomes World’s First Country to Make Legally Binding Carbon Negativity Pledge

by  Olivia Rosane  Many countries have embraced a climate target of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, but one country is taking it further. Finland’s parliament passed a new Climate Change Act last week committing itself to achieving net-zero emissions by 2035 and negative emissions by 2040. While the timeline itself is notable, the act also makes Finland the first country to make […]

World Has 42% Chance of Breaching 1.5 Degrees if Emissions Stopped Today, New Study Finds

by Olivia Rosane What would happen if we stopped spewing all fossil fuels into the atmosphere today? A new study published in Nature Climate Change Monday found that temperatures would still have a 42 percent chance of overshooting the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. “Our findings make it all the more pressing that we need to rapidly […]

How to Help the Ocean From Your Garden

by Cristina Zenato  Our daily actions are the first step to the global change we hope to influence. No matter where we live, the consequences of our choices will find their way to the water and the oceans. Changing how we live today will affect our planet most in the long run. So, how can you help the ocean from […]

How to Destroy a ‘Forever Chemical’ – Scientists Are Discovering (Slowly) Ways to Eliminate PFAS

by A. Daniel Jones and Hui Li PFAS chemicals seemed like a good idea at first. As Teflon, they made pots easier to clean starting in the 1940s. They made jackets waterproof and carpets stain-resistant. Food wrappers, firefighting foam, even makeup seemed better with perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Then tests started detecting PFAS in people’s blood. Today, PFAS are pervasive in soil, […]

Scientist ‘Scared’ to See Evidence That Climate Change Worsens Infectious Diseases

by Climate Nexus Climate change is already worsening the impact of infectious diseases, like Zika, malaria, and COVID-19, on human health, a study published Monday in Nature Climate Change finds. “There is no speculation here whatsoever,” Camilo Mora, a geographer at the University of Hawaii who headed the research, told the AP. “These are things that have already happened.” Of the 375 known […]

6 Herbs With Impressive Antiviral Activity

by  Tiffany Chaney  The human virome is made up of an estimated 380 trillion viruses, some of which harm the body and others that may benefit the body by coexisting within it. As much as half the stuff in your body, such as viruses and bacteria, may not be your own biological matter. From birth, viral infections serve an important part in human […]

Bumblebees Increasingly Stressed by Climate Change Over Past 100 Years, Study Finds

by Cristen Hemingway Jaynes Bumblebees are larger than honeybees and, while they collect and store nectar from flowers to consume themselves, they do not convert nectar into honey like honeybees. Bumblebees are essential pollinators for many wildflowers and agricultural crops like sunflowers, cranberries, blueberries and tomatoes. Two contemporaneous papers examining bumblebee populations in the UK were recently published by scientists from the Natural […]

Sugar-Roasted Mealworms Could Be an Environmentally Friendly Way to Enjoy Meaty Flavor and Protein

by Olivia Rosane Meat consumption, especially if the meat was raised using factory farming, is a major contributor to a host of environmental problems including biodiversity loss, pollution and the climate crisis. In fact, some scientists even say that going vegan is the single most important thing an individual can do to reduce their impact on the planet and its systems. But what if you miss […]

Is Wood the Climate-Friendly Urban Building Material of the Future?

by Olivia Rosane One of the challenges urban planners face as they attempt to fashion climate-friendly cities is how to construct new buildings. Common materials steel and cement are notoriously difficult to decarbonize, yet the number of people living in cities could increase to 80 percent of the total population by 2100, potentially requiring more new construction between now and 2050 than between […]

7 common recycling mistakes that people make (+ what to do instead)

by Linday Miles Talking enthusiastically about recycling might feel like stepping back into the nineties, when most of us thought (didn’t we?) that recycling was an effective way to combat climate change. (Or was that just me…?) A few decades on and the pressing issues of the day have most definitely scaled up. But recycling hasn’t gone away… and it hasn’t stopped […]

Why You Should Give a Crap About Toilet Paper

A recent report from the Natural Resources Defense Council and Stand.earth gave mainstream TP brands such as Charmin, Bounty and Cottonelle failing grades due to the use of only virgin fibre pulp in their tissues, primarily sourced from Canada’s old boreal forests. While virgin fibre makes the tissue softer and more cushy on the tushy, the extensive sourcing of the pulp from our forests […]

How to Travel Sustainably

Travel is, without a doubt, one of the most soul-nourishing experiences there is. Immersing ourselves in other cultures, learning about the world, trying new foods, and engaging in different activities are all incredible ways in which we can gain a better understanding of others, ourselves, and the planet as a whole. New-age travel however, seems to have departed from the […]

Meet the French group guerrilla gardening and planting food in the city!

by Rob GreenField  In France, there is an exciting group of fresh, local food advocates – The Masked Gardeners! These amazing, dedicated volunteers spend their time turning neglected and under-utilized public spaces into gardens that grow food. They are helping to tackle the growing socio-economic problem of accessibility and affordability of food facing more and more people. Initially started after […]

After Reduce, Re-Use, Re-Sell and Donate, How Should We Discard Our Unwanted Clothes?

by Georgia Monaghan Textile waste continues to be the fashion industry’s dirty problem. It is estimated that the average Australian sends 23 kilograms of clothes to landfill each year. On top of that, Australians are purchasing 60% more items of clothing than 15 years ago and are keeping them for half as long. While there are a number of ways to extend the life […]

Yes, the state of the environment is grim, but you can make a difference, right in your own neighbourhood

by Kylie Soanes The newly released State of the Environment report paints a predictably grim picture. Species are in decline, ecosystems are at breaking point, and threats abound. For many of us, it can feel like a problem that’s too big, too complex and too distant to solve. But this report also shows every Australian can be on the conservation frontline. We […]

Researchers Make Insulation Board Out of Popcorn

by Lloyd Alter Researchers have often suggested that building materials and insulations should be almost edible, noting previously that “cork, straw, and mushrooms can keep you warm and be a healthy, high-fiber part of a balanced building diet.” Now, thanks to researchers at the University of Göttingen, Germany, we can add popcorn to the list. The press release takes a stab at answering […]

These 3 Companies Are the Future of House Cleaning

by Katherine Martinko 1. CleanCult This innovative company sends you an initial plastic bottle for each of its all-natural cleaning products, and then subsequent refills come in paper milk cartons or bags, shipped in plastic-free packaging.Over the course of a year, this reduces household packaging waste by up to 30 pounds, and has an advantage when it comes to transportation: “Flat boxes occupy […]

It’s Time to Phase Out Fluorescent Lightbulbs, Report Finds

by Lloyd Alter Much of the discussion about mercury and fluorescent lightbulbs have been around the compact fluorescent lights, (CFLs) also known as “toxic Gorebulbs.” They had a tiny bit of mercury, about 1 milligram, and many people have replaced them with light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs. But the real mercury problem is with the long thin fluorescent tubes that are […]

Circular Future Fund Winners Have Smart Ideas for Fighting Disposable Culture

by Katherine Martinko Last November, a department store chain in the United Kingdom called John Lewis announced a £1-million (US$1.2m) fund to back innovative projects that could fight “throwaway” culture. Together with environmental organization Hubbub, it gave businesses, charities, social enterprises, and academic bodies two months to submit their ideas to this new Circular Future Fund and be selected by an expert grant panel. Four winners were […]

Only 20% of Companies in G20 Countries Have Science-Based Decarbonization Plans

by Olivia Rosane Only 20% of companies in G20 countries have plans to reduce their carbon emissions in line with climate science. That’s the conclusion of a report published ahead of the G20 summit taking place this week by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). Science Based Targets  SBTi was founded in 2014 and launched its first campaign in 2015, six months before […]

What Works to Combat Global Deforestation?

by Elizabeth Waddington As someone who works in reforestation and ecosystem restoration, I understand that working to combat global deforestation is the first and most important step to doing that. I am also well aware that some anti-deforestation measures are more effective than others. So I was fascinated to read a new and comprehensive scientific report assessing global methods to fight […]

Is Cocoa a Sustainable Beauty Ingredient?

by Delia Mitchell Cocoa is a swoon-inducing favorite confection, but there are a number of concerns regarding the production of the popular ingredient that are far from sweet. Outside of the food industry, cocoa’s raw materials are often tapped by beauty manufacturers to create products ranging from silky smooth body butters to pigmented bronzers. However, many supply chains may involve […]

Major Report Says Ethical Consumer Labels Are Ineffective

by Katherine Martinko Regular readers will know me to be a staunch defender of the Fairtrade certification system. Admittedly, I have a personal attachment to it, having visited the workshops of Fairtrade artisans in Agra, India, many years ago, and having worked as a volunteer at several Ten Thousand Villages stores in Canada, which sell all-Fairtrade items. But I sincerely believe […]

The Hidden Environmental Cost of Added Sugars

by Gemma Alexander The environmental impact of the teaspoon of sugar in your morning coffee pales next to the impact of the coffee itself and even the electricity required to brew it. But it’s not just a teaspoon of sugar. Americans eat more sugar than any other country in the world. At over 126 grams of sugar per day, that’s more than twice the average […]

Cricket Protein Promises a More Sustainable Dog Food

by  Maureen Wise What if there was a healthy alternative to mammal- or fowl-meat pet food? So, would you consider feeding bugs to your beloved dog? As it turns out, insects like crickets are not only a great protein alternative to traditional animal proteins, they’re also a more sustainable choice. What’s Wrong With Meat? You may have heard that reducing our meat consumption is […]

Water tech innovation and the future of renewables

by Will Sarni To a significant degree, the future of renewable energy is tied to lithium, and the race is on to secure abundant and reliable resources of this metal. A low-carbon future requires lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles and the storage of power from renewable sources, such as solar and wind energy. Indeed, the market for lithium-ion batteries is projected […]

‘Living seawalls’ prove eco-engineering’s sea legs are strong

by Leah Garden Coastal communities around the world are fighting one of the most recognizable symptoms of climate change; seawater rise. In an attempt to combat flooding, cities from Sydney to San Francisco erected seawalls in a bid to prevent rising waters from overrunning infrastructure. But Australia-based Macquarie University associate professor and The Living Seawalls project co-leader Melanie Bishop said in an interview, “Ironically, […]

Improving the cold chain to feed and save the planet

by Katie Ellman Manik Suri is founder and CEO of technology company Therma. Before founding Therma, Manik co-founded the Governance Lab (GovLab), an innovation center at New York University that developed technology solutions to improve government. He is a former affiliate of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and has held positions at global investment firm D.E. Shaw & Company and […]

Three ways agri-businesses can feed the world sustainably through circular food systems

by Susan Chomba The world is reeling from three crises: nature; biodiversity loss; and poverty. Food systems contribute greatly to all. On the climate crisis, about 30 percent, or a third, of total greenhouse gases (GHG’s) comes from food systems. A recent study by FAO shows emissions from pre- and post-production processes around food, such as manufacturing of fertilizers, food […]

Shape up or ship out: The shipping industry trials new tech to decarbonize

by Victoria Masterson A ferry described as the world’s fastest electric passenger vessel is being trialed in Sweden. As shipping as a whole attempts to decarbonize, could this be an indicator of the industry’s future? The fastest electric ship In 2023, a new electric ferry called the Candela P-12 will start running a trial service from the Swedish capital, Stockholm, to the […]

How Africa could become a global hydrogen powerhouse

by Victoria Masterson Africa could supply the whole world with affordable low-carbon energy in the form of hydrogen, a new report suggests. In its Africa Energy Outlook 2022, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says Africa’s rich renewable resources — particularly solar energy, but also onshore wind — are the key to unlocking this potential. Africa could produce 5,000 megatonnes of hydrogen a […]

This company wants your post-industrial textile waste

by Deonna Anderson Everywhere Apparel wants to recycle your clothes. “The way we like to talk about our company is that we’re a full-stack materials company,” co-founder and COO Irys Kornbluth told GreenBiz. “We start from the very bottom, which is the fiber level. We’re innovating new types of fibers that can be used for yarn spinning and translated all the […]

How gravity batteries will help us switch to renewable energy

by Simon Read Engineers are in a race to answer one of the most urgent questions about our switch to renewable energy — how to store it? Electricity generated by wind and solar farms is not available when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, so without ways of storing the power, anything not used immediately is wasted. […]

Farmers can now grow fruits, vegetables and carbon credits

by Jesse Klein The carbon offset market is inching its way onto the farm. Selling carbon credits to fund regenerative agriculture practices that sequester more soil while producing food has captured the imaginations of climate activists, corporations and farmers. And while selling carbon credits for agricultural practices has started on a few farms (usually backed by big consumer-packaged goods companies […]

Is it ethical to patent emerging climate tech?

by Leah Garden Way back in January 2021, newly inaugurated President Joe Biden signed Executive Order (EO) 14008. If you missed it, don’t worry. Most news was covering the events from earlier in the month, and this act of executive power went through with relatively little fanfare — despite its far-reaching implications for the climate tech community. Essentially, EO 14008 placed […]

Clever Low-Cost Way To Improve & Increase Biking In The City

by Zachary Shahan Electric vehicles are great, but there is no better transportation option than a bicycle. Bicycles provide much needed exercise (also saving emissions from a trip to the gym), are more energy efficient than any other vehicle (even an electric car), are enjoyable to ride (fun is permitted), and can save their rider an enormous amount of money […]

How Bad Is The Battery Manufacturing Process For EVs?

by Carolyn Fortuna An electric vehicle (EV) will incur many fewer emissions over its life than would an internal combustion engine (ICE)-powered vehicle. The materials required for EV battery manufacturing cause a number of environmental impacts, though, and are of concern. In the cases of lithium, cobalt, and rare earth elements, the world’s top 3 producers control well over three-quarters […]

Wave Energy Converter Passes First Test, Now It’s Off To Oregon

by Tina Casey Wave energy is an infinite, reliable source of zero emission electricity, if only somebody could figure out how to harvest it from the ocean without stumbling over cost, corrosion, biofouling, wildlife impacts, and other hurdles. The latest outfit to give it a try is the startup CalWave Power Technologies, which has just concluded a successful 10-month pilot […]

What Is Desserto Cactus Leather and Is It Sustainable?

by Megan Doyle In recent years, using vegan leather has become an easy box to tick for brands looking to incorporate eco-friendly materials into their offering. Desserto has joined the ranks of sustainable fabrics on the market, with a growing number of fashion companies experimenting with this cactus-based alternative to cow and fossil fuel-derived synthetic leathers. Since launching Desserto in July 2019, […]

Noissue Now Offers Compostable Garment Bags for Small Fashion Businesses

by  Tayla Nova With global e-commerce sales totaling  $4.9 trillion in 2021—and forecasts suggesting this number will increase by 50% over the next four years—businesses are making their unboxing experience the focus of their customer journey. Without the glitz and glamor of a highly curated retail experience, a brand’s message and style have to be wrapped up into a small, neat package […]

This Is How The Chiptune Community Turns E-Waste into Music

by ELIZABETH STILWELL Stepping out of the 14th Street subway station, I walk less than a block to address number 145. I find myself in front of the nondescript door of a brownstone sandwiched between a frame shop and a threading salon. I’ve come to Babycastles, a place where the literal and figurative underground indie game developer community connects with […]

What Are Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)? Definition, Examples, and How to Avoid Them

by Rebecca Coffey VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are compounds that contain carbon atoms and that, at room temperature, easily evaporate. Too small to see and virtually omnipresent both indoors and out, they can be inhaled in normal breathing. “Volatile” means that the compound vaporizes. “Organic” in this context means “containing carbon molecules.” While “organic” also usually suggests “naturally occurring,” […]

Microplastics in the Air You Breathe and the Food You Eat

by Mary Jo DiLonardo Microplastics can be found in many different items that we’re exposed to over the course of a day. Plastic water bottles, synthetic carpet, and even beauty products can all increase our exposure to these tiny plastic particles. Microplastics can also be inhaled and ingested with foods or beverages. While the exact effect microplastics may have on our health […]

More Plants Are Going Extinct Than We Previously Thought

by Mary Jo DiLonardo A new study finds that 65 plant species have gone extinct in the continental United States and Canada since European settlement. That’s nearly twice as many species that researchers had previously estimated orany study had ever documented. The study was published in the journal Conservation Biology by a team of 16 conservation and biology researchers from across the […]

Three-wheel EV that charges faster than your laptop is here

by Laura Cowan Have you ever considered a three-wheel vehicle for your daily commute? Previously, the choice of sunny city dwellers traveling only a few miles, three-wheel EVs are now expanding to create commuting options for more people wanting to green their transportation. The Nimbus three-wheel EV aims to solve traffic congestion while combining the best traits of a scooter with a standard […]

Algae light fixtures by nea studio illuminate natural design

by Dawn Hammon Everything we truly need in this world is provided by nature. Although we have access to ubiquitous and inexpensive materials like plastic, the exploration of art often goes back to the basics. In the case of nea studio, a sustainability-focused architecture and interior design studio based out of New York, the material they use is algae and their most […]

Biomimicry is changing the world of design in exciting ways

by KC Morgan From snowflakes to leaves, nature is full of incredible shapes and intricate designs. Nature itself is a wonder, a world full of plants and animals that adapt themselves to better suit the natural world. This is exactly what biomimicry is all about. What is biomimicry? It’s actually a simple idea: use what exists in nature to build and design areas […]

This plant box makes it easy to grow your own food

by Laura Cowan The GÜD Plant Box is an introductory product for GÜD LLC, a new company raising funds on Kickstarter. Their indoor gardening kit makes it easier, more desirable and more accessible for people to grow their own food at home. Founded by Colin Casto, GÜD created a way to make larger scale indoor gardening a reality for city dwellers. Plastic indoor gardening equipment […]

Eco-toilet in India helps farmers make their own fertilizer

by Teresa Bergen If you live in developed parts of the world, beware, because this article is going to talk about two things that might make you say ew: the problem of open defecation and the use of human waste as fertilizer. Many people in the world have good reason to address both of these issues. And nonprofit World Neighbors is simultaneously addressing […]

A browser extension that informs impact on Earth as you shop

by Dawn Hammon Wouldn’t it be nice to understand the environmental impact of products you’re considering buying without having to spend a bunch of time on research while shopping? Good news! Finch is here to help you do exactly that. As a free Chrome extension, Finch works to inform you about products in real time, as you shop. It’s science. It’s an algorithm. It’s a rating system. […]

Check out this farm’s holistic approach to agriculture

by Inaara Thawer For many years, John Chester, a filmmaker, and his wife Molly, a traditional foods chef, lived and worked in Santa Monica, California. Through her work, Molly realized that the nutritional content of her food was impacted by the distance from its source and the caliber of the farm’s agricultural practices. In light of this, the Chesters embarked on […]

Will food soon grow in labs with artificial photosynthesis?

by Teresa Bergen Sometimes we assume that the natural way is the best way, or it doesn’t even occur to us to look for an alternative. Especially for the most basic things. But some scientists are questioning photosynthesis, the way plants use the sun’s energy for growth. Typical crop plants make use of as little as 1% of the sun’s energy they’re exposed […]

How to Shop For Sustainable Fashion on A Budget: The Full Guide!

by Brooke Bowlin Looking for ways to shop for sustainable fashion on a budget? Do you want affordable ways to create a slow fashion wardrobe? Have no fear– while sustainable fashion may appear to be a big investment, we’ve compiled plenty of ways to create a more ethical wardrobe without breaking the bank. p.s. Sustainable fashion on a budget is […]

7 Sustainable Gender Neutral Clothing Brands to Love in 2022

by Danielle Alvarado In recent years, more and more of us are finding gender-specific fashions to be too restrictive for us to express our style. Whether you are gender-fluid or not, non-binary and gender-neutral fashion can do wonders at deconstructing traditional fashion concepts and letting us think out of the box. As with any clothing, gender neutral clothing is best […]

20 Best Ways to Reuse Old Clothing With Helpful Tutorials

by Brooke Bowlin Are you wondering what to do with those worn out, unused clothes in your closet? Wonder no more because we’ve gathered all kinds of resources, ideas, and inspiration on how to reuse old clothing! Unfortunately, getting rid of old clothes, especially damaged and worn clothing, isn’t straightforward. Our clothing disposal systems are deeply flawed with most pathways […]

5 Sustainable Children’s Brands Built to Last

by Danielle Alvarado The amazing list of fair trade, sustainable and ethical children’s brands is fairly long but we do have a few favorites that I would like to share with you today. I highly recommend saving these names for the future if needed. You can always search these brands in the many second-hand shops (digital and walk-in), as well […]

Nearly Indestructible Prefab Is Designed to Withstand Severe Weather

by  Kimberley Mok We’ve often sung the praises of prefabricated structures here on Treehugger – after all, the process of producing prefab buildings creates less construction waste, construction times are typically shorter, and the results are usually more energy-efficient – all important aspects when it comes to building in a more sustainable way. But there’s more than one way to build […]

This Student-Built Tiny House Is Also a ‘Mobile Energy Education Center’

by Kimberley Mok Small and tiny houses have been heralded as a possible solution for a lot of problems: from the lack of affordable housing, to addressing the climate emergency, as well as potentially encouraging better relationships (and more creative intimacy, of all things). On top of all that, tiny houses can also function as a great educational tool. Over the years, we’ve seen a […]

Heat Decarbonisation in the home – what Scotland can learn from Denmark

by kiera-dignam The Scottish Government has recently set an ambitious target – all of Scotland’s houses will be net zero by 2045. This means that the country needs to decarbonise Scottish homes quickly and fairly. In Scotland, the energy consumed from heating contributes to 13%  of overall CO2 emissions, and makes up 30% of overall energy consumption. Of Scotland’s 2.5 […]

Fologram uses paperbark as a unique building material

by Dawn Hammon Art in architecture is in the eye of the beholder, regardless of whether the design is formed using analog or digital techniques. In the case of Fologram, an Australian design studio that specializes in mixed reality experiences, its recent work with paperbark incorporates both. Also known as melaleuca quinquenervia, Australian paperbark is a ubiquitous tree, available throughout urban and rural areas of […]

Edge Effects: Habitat Biodiversity and Human Interference

By Gia Mora Edge effects are the changes in biodiversity that occur inside the space surrounding the shared edge of two or more distinct ecosystems. This transitional zone rich in biodiversity is known as the ecotone; examples are between woodlands and plains, forests and mountains, and land and water. Informally known as the edge, the ecotone affects the plants and animals […]

Climate Change Could Make Poison Ivy Grow 150% Faster

By Elizabeth Waddington In Eastern North America and parts of Asia, poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) is a common irritant of the landscape. This noxious weed is well known for causing an itchy, irritating, and sometimes painful rash on contact. This highly variable plant can be a small plant, a shrub, or a climbing vine, though is commonly characterized by clusters of leaves, […]

What to Know Before Buying a Used Electric Car

by David M. Kuchta Buying a used car be a challenging experience, and buying a used electric vehicle is no exception. Since EVs are relatively new entrants into the vehicle market, most EV sales are of new vehicles—unlike gasoline cars, where 70% of U.S. car sales are of used vehicles. As the EV market grows, so too will the percentage of used […]


by Carmen It has been eleven years since I sold my car—and I have never looked back. I was in college back then and money was very tight. Getting rid of the car freed up resources I desperately needed to make ends meet. I asked my mom for the red, rusty, ramshackle old bicycle that she used to ride when […]


by shia This vegan zero waste hand cream recipe only requires four ingredients and is not greasy (if applied correctly of course). It’s also a great tattoo aftercare moisturizer by the way. For almost seven years, my zero waste skin care routine has been based around using organic cooking oils. My favorite mix is a blend of canola, coconut, and a […]

Germany has the first hydrogen-powered trains in the world

Written by Teresa Bergen Germany introduced the world’s first fully hydrogen-powered passenger rail line. The first five trains came online Wednesday, with a total of 14 planned to ply a route in Lower Saxony. By the end of 2022, the more environmentally-friendly trains will replace 15 diesel trains. Quiet and emission-free, the Coradia iLint trains leave only condensed water and steam behind them […]

Could recycling urine as fertilizer help the environment?

  Written by Teresa Bergen Should we be flushing perfectly good fertilizer down the toilet? Some eco-minded folks are proposing a circular water economy that puts urine to work. Urine is packed with nitrogen and phosphorus, which are valuable to agriculture. The problem, of course, is that urine isn’t all that goes into the average toilet. Feces is a major source of pathogens, […]

Three ways your home office could be made more eco-friendly

With the pandemic bringing a change to our working arrangements, professionals making the shift to home working have been given freedom over their office setup. For many people, this has given them the opportunity to personalise their working environment to suit their individual tastes and needs. But this new-found freedom to design your own space also presents an obvious opportunity […]

Understanding the differences between different types of electric and hybrid cars

Electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids are becoming a common feature on the world’s roads, and their popularity has grown exponentially in recent years.   With growing demand comes a broader range of options, and manufacturers are latching on to this contemporary shift in consumer behaviour. In fact, as reported in this guide to the sustainability of electric cars, 74% of original […]

Heat Decarbonisation in the home – what Scotland can learn from Denmark

The Scottish Government has recently set an ambitious target – all of Scotland’s houses will be net zero by 2045. This means that the country needs to decarbonise Scottish homes quickly and fairly. In Scotland, the energy consumed from heating contributes to 13%  of overall CO2 emissions, and makes up 30% of overall energy consumption. Of Scotland’s 2.5 million homes, […]

8Rs of a Sustainable Circular Economy: Reduce, Reuse, Repair, etc.

What is a Circular Economy? Simply put: In a circular economy, manufacturers design products to be reusable. Government of the Netherlands In more words: A circular economy is an economic system aimed at minimising waste and making the most of resources. This regenerative approach is in contrast to the traditional linear economy, which has a ‘take, make, dispose’ model of […]

Supporting the Use of Alternative Fuels

Peter Thiel and Eric Weinstein had a phenomenal, thought-provoking conversation on The Portal (a new podcast by Eric Weinstein). It was a free-ranging conversation that lasted almost 3 hours. The podcast contained some useful principles, which I will attempt to summarize in this post. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the podcast or its guests. Any errors or misrepresentations in this post […]

Types of gardens and how to create one at home?

Discover through this interesting article, everything related to types of gardens, specifically the creation of a home garden and its importance. Definition of Orchards They are small spaces, dedicated especially to the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and vegetables, for their consumption. This is a new agricultural practice, which is transferred to urban life, in order to obtain a fresher and healthier harvest, ecological [...]

Why world of atoms stagnated

Peter Thiel and Eric Weinstein had a phenomenal, thought-provoking conversation on The Portal (a new podcast by Eric Weinstein). It was a free-ranging conversation that lasted almost 3 hours. The podcast contained some useful principles, which I will attempt to summarize in this post. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the podcast or its guests. Any errors or misrepresentations in this post […]

Climate Change and Rainwater Harvesting

First Name: Aditya Last Name: Padwal Email Id: aditya@weblabs.com Type of organisation: Research Laboratory Contact No: 658949646 Website: http://deuslabs.com/ Location: Island Discipline: Water management Opportunity Description: Curabitur ac pulvinar risus, id lacinia tellus. Aenean mattis est risus, non pretium ante aliquet scelerisque. Nam sed porttitor risus, ut lacinia nisl. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Sed dapibus enim vitae dolor ultrices, […]

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