Vegetation cover for sustainable olive grove management

Two types of vegetation covers were compared to the common soil management techniques in oliveculture areas to design, introduce, test and disseminate cover crops as ecological olive production systems. Inthe first vegetation cover, natural vegetation development was allowed until water competition arises, whilstweeds cover was enriched with a leguminous species, in the second. The common soil management techniquestested was ploughing and herbicides. Olive trees vegetative development and nutrients content were monitored.The potential for natural revegetation ability was evaluated. Organic matter, nutrients and water contents in thesoil were also measured. Infiltration and erosion were estimated using the field-saturated hydraulic conductivity(Kfs) “Guelf permeameter” method and the revised universal soil loss equation (RUSLE). In order tounderstand the variation of some soil physical and chemical properties, graphical interpretation of these soil properties was done using geostatistics and geographic information system

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Vegetation cover for sustainable olive grove management


Sustainable farming

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Thomas Panagopoulos; MARIA ALCINDA NEVES

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University of the Algarve ; Department of Agronomy, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Algarve


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