Plants That Will Help Save The Bees

By Marlene Ridgeway

It’s no secret that our environment has been suffering over the years. The state of the bee population is one of the issues that worries me the most.

Honey bees, along with other bees, butterflies and pollinators are responsible for the health and growth of a large percentage of our flowering plants. Pollinators like honey bees transfer pollen from the male part of the flower to the female part of the flower, making it possible for them to grow and prosper.

A portion of the problem is that bees are affected by the lack of plants in some areas. Without pollen and nectar bees cannot survive. In addition, several pesticides that were designed to kill other pests have also impacted the bees negatively, even killing a large amount of them.

Farmers who have struggled to grow certain crops over the years have taken to renting bees to promote pollination on their land. Farming bees is a great way to contribute to the health of bees, but that can also be a daunting project.

Protecting the bees is an easy way to do your part to help the planet. Here are several easy tips to help save the bees. One of the easiest ways to help save the bees is to grow specific bee-friendly plants.

Most fruits and vegetables that blossom before producing fruit or vegetables are dependent on pollinators. Therefore, mixing in a number of these plants will help your bee garden or pollinator garden flourish, while you enjoy the fruits and vegetables produced.

Farmers and growers alike cannot go wrong with flowering herbs. Not only do these attract bees and help them pollinate, but they can also be eaten by people and help growers cut down on buying expensive herbs.

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