• Although architects, landscape designers and building engineers have been designing and building
    green roofs in Dhaka, Bangladesh, there is a dearth of evidence based research regarding the best practices of setting
    design parameters, available solution types and performance. Based on the descriptive survey method, this study
    identifies three basic types of green roofs. The common construction and use related design parameters used by the
    local practitioners were identified. The three types of green roofs are compared on the basis of their performance against
    these design parameters. It was concluded that further research, proper policies and research based development in the
    practice is necessary to materialize the true potential of green roofs and roof top gardening in Dhaka which will address
    the UN sustainable development goals.

  • Full Time Faculty Assistant Professor. M.ARCH, WASHINGTON UNI. IN ST LOUIS, USA

    Source: https://www.academia.edu/69484646/A_Study_of_Commonly_Used_Design_Solutions_for_Green_Roofs_in_Dhaka_City_and_their_Comparative_Analysis

    Courtesy: www.academia.edu

    Copyright: © The Author(s) 2021

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