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  • “UK-based sustainable design studio Weez & Merl uses recycled plastic to create a range of reusable houseware products like coasters and tabletops. From the coastal city of Brighton and Hove, the designers were driven toward sustainability by the discouraging amount of plastic bags on the beach. The result is a design company that works with local businesses to collect and repurpose plastic waste into practical products.

    Weez & Merl use low-density polyethylene for smaller products like coasters and medium-density polyethylene for sturdier projects like tabletops. These materials are handworked and enhanced with marbling techniques that offer the finished products a set of signature swirling patterns in a collection of complementary colors. Weez & Merl offer coasters, trays, plates, platters, and boards on its online store.”


    Price:Starting £8

  • Our passions for design, traditional craft skills and making by hand,
    are combined with a desire to utilise waste materials.
    Our ultimate goal is for plastic to be regarded as a precious material
    not worthy of ending up in landfills, incinerators and oceans.
    The plastic we work with is LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), commonly found in carrier bags, bubble wrap and other flexible sheet packaging.


    Top dimensions: 240mm x 350mm

    Thickness: 15mm

    Please allow +/- 1 – 2mm variance on all dimensions.

    Made from 100% recycled waste LDPE plastic in our Brighton & Hove studio. Each piece is crafted by hand, and is totally unique in its marbling.

    The boards have a mostly smooth satin surface, however, please be aware there may be some surface irregularities such as:

    Dips, where an air pocket became trapped as the plastic was being pressed

    Shallow ‘cracks’, where the different colours have met during the layering process

    Shiny spots, from minute changes in temperature

    ‘Growth rings’ (slight change in surface texture, alternating between shiny and satin), which show each pull on the handle of the hydraulic press as the piece was being pressed into the mould

    These are all part of the handmade process, and we think add character to each piece!


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