Poultry Farming

  • “Buttonwood Farm is focused on providing consumers with poultry of the highest quality and it does so by raising its birds on pasture, which is a step up from free-range. The animals are kept on all-natural diets, while hormones and antibiotics are completely omitted from their day-to-day. This method of upkeep ensures that the product is as fresh as possible. In addition, the owners of Buttonwood Farm are enthusiastic to allow the chickens to forage.

    The agricultural practice delivers its ethically raised poultry and eggs to “”restaurants, stores, and CSAs in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, and Jefferson City.”” The farming business thrives on the ever-growing consumer demand for fresh and sustainable goods.”


  • In sunny California, MO in 2010, we started Buttonwood Farm with chickens, turkeys, and a big fancy dream to raise them on real, living, breathing pasture, because we thought that was the way it ought to be done. We still do. And now we raise eggs that way too.

  • We make weekly deliveries of fresh and frozen natural, pasture-raised poultry and eggs to restaurants, stores, and CSAs in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, and Jefferson City.

    During the growing season, we also sometimes bring fresh produce grown by our friends in the local Mennonite community.

    We deliver chicken (whole, breast, thighs, ground, sausages, etc.) fresh every week from March-December (and frozen (or thawed) January-February, when it’s just too cold to have birds out on pasture) as well as Turkey (whole, breast, drumsticks, ground sausages, etc.) and eggs.


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