• “The newly announced Carbon Neutral Series coffee subscription by Peet’s Coffee gives consumers the ability to offset their carbon footprint over time and keep their impact low as they continue to enjoy conveniently delivered coffee. With the curated subscription service, Peet’s is working with global sustainability nonprofit Enveritas so that for every two pounds of Peet’s Coffee delivered, three carbon dioxide-absorbing mangrove supertrees are added to Myanmar. This roughly works out to 36 trees planted for a year’s subscription of coffee.

    The sponsorship of the carbon dioxide-absorbing mangrove trees will help to support the planet for years to come in an ecoregion of Southeast Asia. With this option, coffee lovers will get freshly hand-roasted beans in a super convenient and sustainable way.”


    Price:Starting $14.95/lb

  • We’ve always sought to source the highest quality coffees for our customers in a way that honors farmers, respects the environment, and recognizes the role of communities. Beginning in 2016, we formalized our efforts to systematically evaluate all coffee purchases annually according to key sustainability standards. We’re most of the way there with measurement, and these insights inform our efforts to make improvements that matter.

  • Fresh-from-the-roastery coffee delivered directly to your door, at your schedule. A Peet’s subscription gives you access to free shipping with every order, up to 10% off, and more subscriber-only perks. Starting at $14.95/shipment.


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