• The concept of sustainable development has always been on
    the lips of many government officials in Hong Kong. Yet, seldom could
    we find a paper specifically investigate the sustainable development
    objective of property management companies’. There are two major
    objectives in this paper: 1) to find out whether property management
    companies have provided sustainable property management services, 2)
    how traditional Chinese thinking smoothen sustainable property
    management. The results from a survey of 14 local property
    management companies show that sustainable development is not a
    major concern for property management companies. Although, all of the
    local property management companies studied provides cleaning,
    security, repair and maintenance services, none of them have included
    the sustainable development concept as their operational objective Only a few of them state explicitly that they provide environmental,
    social and economic services to their customers. Even so, in view of
    global warming problem, sustainable needs from the green groups and
    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, it is expected
    that sustainable property management will be future agenda of all the
    property management companies. This paper proposes how traditional
    Chinese thinking can provide insight on sustainable property
    management by reviewing the previous literatures.

  • “Hong Kong Shue Yan University Faculty Member”

    Source: https://www.academia.edu/68578761/Traditional_Chinese_mode_of_thinking_sustainable_development_and_property_management

    Courtesy: www.academia.edu

    Copyright: © 2010 by the authors.

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