• Conservation agriculture (CA) practices are getting space world-wide to answer many emerging
    challenges like; declining factor productivity, deteriorating soil health, water scarcity, climate
    change, and farm profitability and sustainability. Oilseed brassica (Indian mustard, Brassica juncea
    L.), a winter oilseed grown under rainfed agro-ecosystem is vulnerable to low yields, high production
    cost, degrading soil and water quality, and climatic vagaries. The present study was undertaken
    on CA-based sustainable intensification of Indian mustard for enhancing inputs efficiencies, farm
    profitability and sustainability. Permanent beds with residue retention (PB + R) improved mustard
    equivalent yield (11.4%) and system grain yield (10.6%) compared with conventional tillage without
    residue (CT − R). Maize–mustard rotation (Mz–M) increased system grain yield (142.9%) as well as
    mustard equivalent yield (60.7%) compared with fallow-mustard (F-M). Mz–M system under PB + R
    increased sustainable yield index (376.5%), production efficiency (177.2%), economic efficiency
    (94%) and irrigation water productivity (66%) compared with F-M under CT − R. PB + R increased soil
    organic carbon (SOC) stock at 0–15 cm (17.7%) and 15–30 cm (29.5%) soil depth compared with CT − R.
    Addition of green gram in rotation with mustard improved SOC at 0–15 cm (27.4%) and 15–30 cm
    (20.5%) compared with F-M system. CA-based cluster bean-mustard/GG-M system increased N
    productivity, whereas, P and K productivity improved with Mz–M system compared with F-M under
    CT − R. Thus, CA-based Mz–M system should be out-scaled in the traditional rainfed fallow-mustard
    system to improve the farm production and income on holistic basis to make the country self-sufficient
    in edible oils.

  • ICAR-Directorate of Rapeseed-Mustard Research, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, India



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