• Over the past decade, several new approaches have emerged to renewable energy education that seek to
    address the needs of the 21st century for sustainable energy supply systems. In addition, unlike
    conventional architectural education which does not cover renewable energy issues in its curriculum,
    these days, renewable energy education has an identity of its own within the discipline of architecture.
    This paper will clarify academic obstacles that are impeding the development of sustainable architectural
    education. These obstacles include: ambiguous definitions of sustainable architecture, confusion over the
    meaning of sustainability, and lack of experts in this field.
    In the last part of this paper we compare academic architectural education in the field of renewable
    energy in two countries, Iran as a developing country in Asia and Australia as a developed country in
    Oceania. Lessons can be drawn from these case studies in regard to the obstacles and progress in the
    development of sustainable architecture education

  • Source: https://www.academia.edu/70349282/Sustainability_in_architectural_education_A_comparison_of_Iran_and_Australia

    Courtesy: www.academia.edu

    Copyright: © 2010 Published by Elsevier Ltd

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