• Water scarcity brings tremendous challenges to achieving sustainable development of water
    resources, food, and energy security, as these sectors are often in competition, especially
    during drought. Overcoming these challenges requires balancing trade-offs between sectors
    and improving resilience to drought impacts. An under-appreciated factor in managing the
    water-food-energy (WFE) nexus is the increased value of solar and wind energy (SWE). Here
    we develop a trade-off frontier framework to quantify the water sustainability value of SWE
    through a case study in California. We identify development pathways that optimize the
    economic value of water in competition for energy and food production while ensuring
    sustainable use of groundwater. Our results indicate that in the long term, SWE penetration
    creates beneficial feedback for the WFE nexus: SWE enhances drought resilience and benefits
    groundwater sustainability, and in turn, maintaining groundwater at a sustainable level
    increases the added value of SWE to energy and food production.

  • “Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA
    Water in the West, Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA”



    Copyright: © The Author(s) 2019

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