• Organic farmers in Juru communal area were interviewed to establish socio-economic background, crops grown, problems encountered and the perceived advantages in organic farming. Farming was the main source of income to 86 % of the organic farmers. Only 57 % considered organic farming as a cheap strategy, while 50 % and 43 % respectively saw it as inconvenient and disease-free technique respectively. Problems highlighted included animal manure shortage, slow organic material decomposition and high labour requirements. Those implementing organic farming can use the results to formulate strategies that can improve on adoption of organic agriculture in the smallholder-farming
    sector. Any success in the implementation of organic farming in the smallholder sector would be a great step towards implementing sustainable agricultural production techniques in Zimbabwe.

  • M. Tsvere Chinhoyi University of Technology

    E. Svotwa Chinhoyi University of Technology

    R. Baipai Odzi Farming Area

    S. Gwatibaya Chinhoyi University of Technology



    Copyright:Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (Volume 10, No.1, 2008)
    ISSN: 1520-5509
    Fayetteville State University, Fayetteville, North Carolina

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