• Plants are part and parcel of any urban landscape. Plants in urban areas serve many functions. They are preferred for climatic,
    environmental, visual, medicinal, functional and religious purposes. Planting design being a part of process of landscaping, it needs
    to be based on site conditions. Gulbarga poses limiting conditions for growth of plants in terms of hot dry climate, soil type and water
    quality and physical environment. Plant selection becomes a major task in landscape process. Analyses of effects of these limiting
    conditions on plants are necessary to make planting successful. Plant selection criteria are worked out based on the limiting factors
    and adaptability of the plants to make landscaping successful.

  • Professor at PDA College of Engineering. Gulbarga. Head ,Dept. of architecture P.D.A.College of Engg. Gulbarga, India



    Copyright: 10.15623/ijret.2013.0213080 © 2013 by the authors

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