• Maintaining sustainable practices will require a concert of
    efforts including industry-wide cooperation, governmental
    openness, and education reform.
    Thoughnaturehaslong practicedanamazingrangeofchemical
    transformations, humans have been systematically dabbling
    at the atomic and molecular level for only a few hundred years.
    During that time we have created stronger, more durable,
    flexible, and functional molecules whose applications such as
    water treatment, pharmaceuticals, and primary materials have
    vastly improved the quality of life. However, we have often
    neglected aspects of toxicity, environmental persistence and
    impact, or limitations of the earth’s resources, and the
    unintended ecological and health consequences have become
    increasingly apparent.

  • “American Chemical Society Committee on Environmental
    Improvement (ACS CEI)”



    Copyright: 0.1021/es802980j 2009 American Chemical Society

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