• Spirituality is a concept that has deep meaning in the universe and is independent of time and place yet
    connected to architecture. It is a broad notion that touches everyone. The sense of Spirituality and its interrelation
    with architecture is a topic that needs research. Today’s architecture requires an explanation for its effects on the
    spiritual growth of an individual. The term spirituality is not widely observed in today’s architecture and is not used
    in most contemporary architecture. The past architect being aware of the spiritual growth’s significance had shaped
    an architecture that was proportionate to that time’s culture and beliefs. By using architectural elements, they had
    filled the objective body with spiritual beliefs. This paper presents the impact of contemplative spaces and sacred
    geometry on the spiritual development of a person and also it studies the relationship between spirituality and
    architecture. This paper also discusses how architecture and contemplative spaces accelerate the recovery rate and
    the individual’s spiritual journey.

  • “Ansal University
    Faculty Member, India”



    Copyright: DOI:10.12691/ajcea-9-2-3 © The Author(s) 2021

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