• As a result of the depletion of natural resources, destruction of green areas, loss of ecosystem
    and consequent shrinkage of habitable areas, the concept of “sustainability” has become an important
    parameter at all stages in architectural discipline as in all fields. However, in some cases this notion has
    started to transform into an advertising tool developed to feed consumption due to its structure being
    open to interpretation, its current value and its lack of adequate supervision. Sustainability has three
    aspects that are economic, social and physical. Apart from the successful architectural designs that take
    all the values of sustainability into account, the concept has also been used as a popular culture item that
    enables the projects to come forward and be preferred by people. In this study, the phenomenon of
    “greenwashing” was examined and five architectural projects from Turkey with the claim of
    sustainability were evaluated within the criteria of three sustainability scopes.

  • Interior Architect, Kartal Municipality, Turkey

    Source: https://www.academia.edu/68759874/Greenwashing_in_Turkey_Sustainability_as_an_Advertising_Strategy_in_Architecture

    Courtesy: www.academia.edu

    Copyright: © The Author(s) 2019

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