• The effect of gelatin, used as a biostimulant, was investigated on plant growth in
    greenhouse studies. Biostimulants are materials that stimulate plant growth, and gelatin,
    an animal protein hydrolysate, is classified as one type of biostimulant. Gelatin has a
    unique amino acid composition with a high percentage of proline and hydroxyproline. In
    a series of experiments gelatin capsules (#3 hard gelatin) containing 7.1 mg nitrogen
    each, were placed adjacent to seeds of different crop species, at sowing time in
    individual growing containers and several growth parameters were measured. Different
    types of hydrolyzed collagen, including granulated gelatin, gelatin hydrolysate, and
    amino acid mixtures simulating the composition of gelatin were compared on cucumber
    plant growth. In addition, amino acid mixtures without proline, hydroxyproline, or
    applied in combination were investigated on cucumber growth. All capsule treatments
    significantly enhanced crop growth compared to the non-treated control. The treatment
    with two gelatin capsules placed adjacent to each seed increased shoot dry weight of
    cucumber, pepper, broccoli, tomato, arugula, and field corn, by 138, 244, 50, 45, 41,
    and 18 percent, respectively. In an experiment with cucumber alone, there was a positive
    linear relationship between the number of gelatin capsules from 0 to 3 capsules on
    plant growth and plant nitrogen content. Cucumber growth and plant nitrogen content
    was greater from the hydrolyzed collagen treatment compared with the low molecular
    weight gelatin hydrolysate, a mixture of amino acids or urea and all treatments provided
    an equivalent amount of nitrogen. Proline and/or hydroxyproline were not responsible
    for the biostimulant effect. In summary, gelatin provided nitrogen that enhanced plant
    growth. Moreover, gelatin was an effective biostimulant as the plant growth and nitrogen
    content was greater from two gelatin capsules compared to amino acid mixture of the
    same proportion and amount as the gelatin.

  • “Section of Horticulture, School of Integrative Plant Science, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell
    AgriTech, Cornell University, Geneva, NY, United States”



    Copyright: published: 27 July 2018 doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.01006. Copyright © 2018

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