• In modern agriculture, seeking eco-friendly ways to promote plant growth and enhance
    crop productivity is of priority. Biostimulants are a group of substances from natural
    origin that contribute to boosting plant yield and nutrient uptake, while reducing the
    dependency on chemical fertilizers. Developing biostimulants from by-products paves
    the path to waste recycling and reduction, generating benefits for growers, food industry,
    registration and distribution companies, as well as consumers. The criteria to select
    designated by-products for valorizing as biostimulant are: absence of pesticide residue,
    low cost of collection and storage, sufficient supply and synergy with other valorization
    paths. Over the years, projects on national and international levels such as NOSHAN,
    SUNNIVA, and Bio2Bio have been initiated (i) to explore valorization of by-products for
    food and agriculture industries; (ii) to investigate mode of action of biostimulants from
    organic waste streams. Several classes of waste-derived biostimulants or raw organic
    material with biostimulant components were shown to be effective in agriculture and
    horticulture, including vermicompost, composted urban waste, sewage sludge, protein
    hydrolysate, and chitin/chitosan derivatives. As the global market for biostimulants
    continues to rise, it is expected that more research and development will expand the list
    of biostimulants from by-products. Global nutrient imbalance also requires biostimulant
    to be developed for targeted market. Here, we review examples of biostimulants derived
    from agricultural by-products and discuss why agricultural biomass is a particularly
    valuable source for the development of new agrochemical products.

  • Horticell, Department of Plant and Crops, Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium



    Copyright: published: 30 October 2018 doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.01567. Copyright © 2018

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