• The Urban Futures Method has been developedwith input from a wide range of urban developmentand regeneration specialists, and is based on thecurrent state of knowledge at the time of writing. It isintended as a guide to help professionals understandthe resilience of their decisions. The Method and theInteractive Tool must be used responsibly to arrive atconsidered judgements. They do not provide definite‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, but rather help the user to makethe best decisions.

  • Silvio Caputo graduated at the University of Rome and worked for leading architectural offices before starting his own practice in Milan. His extensive experience and knowledge in building design and construction processes are complemented with a strong passion for research into sustainable architecture and cities. He holds a PhD in Urban Design and Planning conferred by Coventry University, which focuses on urban resilience, intended as the capability of cities to function sustainably over the long-term.



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