• Historical areas should be protected as a part of cultural heritage, buildings should be kept alive by preserving their original textures and transferred to future
    generations. Since reuse is considered an integral part of conservation, it is very
    important to preserve the social and cultural characteristics of the building. Indicators; It is a communication tool that technology provides us. The new function
    given to the buildings in order to preserve and keep alive the vitality of the historical buildings is generally the space that provides an environment for mutual
    communication between individuals. It is important to reshape the building in a
    way that preserves its traditional position, composition and balance without disturbing its connection with the environment. However, while doing this, the
    harmony of the new concept and the building may not overlap. The incompatibility of some unchangeable equipment of the historical building or the materials
    belonging to the period and today’s contemporary preferences can create a handicap. In this research, two sample buildings are used to test how modern and
    dynamic display concepts can be combined with historical buildings. For this
    reason, the Tate Modern and Orsay Museum examples were chosen because
    they are similar in scale and have been recently renovated.

  • Bilkent University, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

    Source: https://www.academia.edu/68474039/Concept_Function_Harmony_In_Re_Designed_Buildings_Adaptation_Of_Historical_Buildings_And_Gallery_Space

    Courtesy: https://www.academia.edu

    Copyright: Academia ©2022

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