• Arid lands have always been important to the world’s human populations, but their significance has increased over the past few decades because of population demographics and continued use of natural resources (Hoekstra & Shachak, 1999). Jordan is faced with increasing population pressure in its already settled areas; hence, it will have to utilize the underpopulated Badia, which forms 85% of Jordan’s land surface, so that it can contribute to the economy in a sustainable way without damaging the fragile desert environments. This can be done by gaining a better understanding of the natural resource base and suggesting actions which will lead to the protection of the resources and to their sustainable usage for the long-term benefit of the local population. Azraq basin, about 12,750 km2 in size, is located in the northeastern Jordanian Badia region (Shahbaz & Sunaa, 2000). To develop soil resources in the Azraq basin, research is needed to establish the best practices for their management, improvement, and maintenance.

  • Z. RAWAJFIH, S. A. KHRESAT Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, Jordan University of Science and Technology

    B. BUCK Department of Geoscience, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Las Vegas, USA



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