Green Code Srl is an innovative start-up from Trentino-Alto Adige (Italy), operating in the fields of sustainable technologies and cleantech. Combining tradition with biotechnologies and environmental engineering, Green Code creates novel solutions to mitigate the human impact on the environment. We develop innovative and green strategies to decrease waste, optimize productive processes, and reduce consumption of natural resources. With DEMETRA, Green Code is tackling the issue of food waste in the fruits and vegetables chain, along with its carbon footprint and social impact. Demetra is an all-natural treatment for food preservation. It's made from 100% plant extracts and can improve the shelf life of natural produce. Thanks to Demetra, produce would no longer need to be kept at cold temperatures while in transit, saving a lot of energy. The product also helps produce to stay fresh and ripe longer, effectively reducing food waste in supermarkets and groceries.

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