Coastal change assessment data

  • Phase two of the Dynamic Coast research project, building on the earlier National Coastal Change Assessment. This phase maps and categorises the resilience of Scotland’s natural coastal defences (i.e. identifying where low dunes may breach), it estimates how future climate change may exacerbate erosion on our soft (erodible) coast. It incorporates the latest monitoring techniques to inform natural resilience and vulnerability of our shoreline. At five ‘super sites’, including St Andrews, Montrose and Skara Brae we have forecast future changes, anticipated damage and developed mitigation and adaptation plans with stakeholders. This will help demonstrate the applicability and need for adaptation actions across the public sector. Importantly the work also considers the social justice implications of existing and climate change exacerbated coastal erosion in Scotland. Phase two of the Dynamic Coast research project provides updates to various layers depicting the extent of Mean High Water Springs at various points between 1890 and modern times, produced during the initial phase.

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