Data on Water and Sanitation

  • Overall Design: Mixed-Methods Performance Evaluation with three components: (1) Ex-post performance evaluation (2) Infrastructure Assessment (3) Outcomes Analysis Exposure to treatment: Nampula city water supply system 69 months Nampula city storm drains 67 months EMUSANA 66 months Nacala city water supply system 75 months Nacala Dama 60 months Mocuba water supply 69 months Quelimane storm drains 67 months Evaluation Questions: (1) Was the program implemented according to approved plans and budget? (2) As implemented, were the activities cost-effective? (3) Are the infrastructure investments operational and being appropriately maintained? (4)What were the effects of Urban Water Supply Activity on key outcomes (i.e., water supply, water supply reliability, water consumption and/or expenditure, malaria and diarrhea incidence)? (5) What was the effect of Urban Drainage and Sanitation Activity on key outcomes (drainage capacity, flood incidence, flood severity, malaria incidence)? (6) What was the effect of Capacity-Building Activity on sanitation service delivery? (7)What lessons can MCC or the GoM apply in future programs to program design, implementation, and sustainment of results?

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