Data on Water and Sanitation

  • The Ghana Community Services Activity was designed to complement the Agriculture Project by providing educational, water and sanitation and rural electrification infrastructure in the Intervention Zones and by enhancing the capacity of local governments to deliver the related services. These interventions were part of a larger effort by the Government of Ghana to expand the provision of basic community services throughout Ghana, and were specifically expected to enhance the sustainability of the Agriculture Project by providing the necessary infrastructure to improve health of communities, to enhance skill development through access to education, and to facilitate small-scale post-harvest processing of agricultural products.
    The water and sanitation component of the Community Services Activity was designed to provide improved water systems to 137 selected communities in the Afram Basin Zone, Southern Horticultural Belt, and the Northern Agricultural Zone. Over the course of the compact, a total of 392 water points were constructed, including boreholes, small town water systems and pipe extensions.

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