Data on Water and Sanitation

  • The mixed-methods performance evaluation of the WASH Project as a whole and of its different activities includes the following three components: 1) A process evaluation, which will document how the project activities were implemented and explore the potential for the activities to have contributed to changes in key outcomes from the project logic. The process evaluation will draw from primary qualitative data collected from national and local stakeholders and households on several islands in 2018 and 2020, a review of project documents, and administrative data provided by government agencies and Águas de Santiago (AdS), a new corporatized, multi-municipal water utility for the island of Santiago. 2) Pre-post analyses of household survey data and secondary data from utilities (including AdS), which will explore changes in outcomes on the island of Santiago in the first few years after the project activities are completed. 3) Case studies of three infrastructure projects funded by the project’s Water and Sanitation Fund (FASA), on the islands of Santiago, Sal, and São Vicente, which will explore potential commonalities and unique aspects of projects that represent the broader portfolio. The two rounds of case studies will synthesize information from all of the data sources used in the other two components of the evaluation, with additional primary qualitative data related specifically to these three projects.

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