Data on Water and Sanitation

  • Contains data from the World Bank’s data portal. There is also a consolidated country dataset on HDX. Natural and man-made environmental resources – fresh water, clean air, forests, grasslands, marine resources, and agro-ecosystems – provide sustenance and a foundation for social and economic development. The need to safeguard these resources crosses all borders. Today, the World Bank is one of the key promoters and financiers of environmental upgrading in the developing world. Data here cover forests, biodiversity, emissions, and pollution. Other indicators relevant to the environment are found under data pages for Agriculture & Rural Development, Energy & Mining, Infrastructure, and Urban Development. Indicators: Access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking, Access to electricity, Adjusted net savings, Adjusted savings, Agricultural land, Agricultural methane emissions, Agricultural nitrous oxide emissions, Annual freshwater withdrawals, Aquaculture production, Arable land, Average precipitation in depth, Bird species, CO2 emissions, CO2 emissions from electricity and heat production, CO2 emissions from gaseous fuel consumption, CO2 emissions from liquid fuel consumption, CO2 emissions from manufacturing industries and construction, CO2 emissions from other sectors, CO2 emissions from residential buildings and commercial and public services, CO2 emissions from solid fuel consumption, CO2 emissions from transport, CO2 intensity, Capture fisheries production, Coal rents, Disaster risk reduction progress score, Droughts, Electricity production from oil, Electricity production from renewable sources, Energy intensity level of primary energy, Energy related methane emissions etc

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