About the book (Blurb)Nigeria has a valuable but largely untapped reservoir of indigenous agricultural and natural resources experience and knowledge. Today, many indigenous knowledge practices are at risk of becoming extinct because of rapidly changing natural environments and fast pacing economic, political and cultural changes on a global scale. An agricultural value chain is a network of participants that work at various stages ranging from production to consumption of commodities. The choice of Moringa oleifera for this book is based on the fact that in recent years, the tropical, multipurpose tree has grown from being practically unknown, even unheard of, to being a new and promising nutritional and economic resource for developing countries. Moringa oleifera has the potential of being adopted as food for humans as well as a ruminant fodder for livestock production, in addition to crop production. Consequent, upon which small farmer income is raised, enhanced food security and livelihood sustainability. This book would be useful to investors in the pharmaceutical and food industries in particular and agribusiness in general for sustainable development.

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