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  • The EcoFloLife Palm Village has been designed by Italian architect Giancarlo Zema as a concept resort that would provide impressive amenities for guests. The bungalow-style resort is imagined for the Maldives where it would sit over the water to offer each room its own viewpoint right out to the ocean. The bungalows would be made with laminated wood from PEFC-certified forests and would feature photovoltaic palms around the walkway by LumineXence to passively collect solar energy.


  • The EcoFloLife Palm Village would speak to the increasing number of consumers interested in eco-friendly travel, while still accommodating a preference for luxurious amenities at the same time. The resort would thus be widely applicable to a range of travelers eager to enjoy a trip unlike any other.

  • Palm Village is a new concept of hospitality on the water: an innovative and poetic resort in the Maldives designed by the Italian architect Giancarlo Zema, famous for its emotional architecture on the water, in collaboration with EcoResorts by Marlegno specialized in the construction of wooden houses and ecological resorts. The engineering of the structures and systems is carried out by Sarti Engineering which has been carrying out important works all over the world for years. Inspired by the forms of nature, each suite of the Palm Village overlooks the sea thanks to large windows, like telescopes facing the horizon, developing on a 7×14 m platform wrapped in an ideal palm leaf folded on itself, a sort of pergola architectural that brings shade by naturally cooling the 55 sq m living unit with a 40 sq m half-covered terrace with direct access to the sea. The interiors are bright and elegant with modern and refined furnishings, large living area with sliding doors, large bedroom and bathroom. Palm Village is an eco-sustainable village made of laminated wood obtained from PEFC certified forests. From the energy point of view, the housing units are self-sufficient, thanks to the energy produced by particular photovoltaic palms by LumineXence, capable of creating energy from the sun and giving rise to pleasant shaded relaxation areas. Emotional design, advanced engineering and attention to detail are the secret of this new architectural formula, proposed by a pool of highly qualified Italian companies with great experience in the eco-resort sector.


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