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  • “SMOG FREE PROJECT is a campaign for clean air led by Daan Roosegaarde to reduce air pollution and provide an inspirational experience of a clean future, including a series of urban innovations such as the SMOG FREE TOWER which provide a local solution of clean air in public spaces. It is combined with workshops with governments, students and the clean-tech industry to work together and make a whole city smog free. Recent SMOG FREE PROJECTS campaigns have been launched in South Korea, China, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Poland. Daan Roosegaarde: “”We are on a mission for clean air””.

    Winner of the Successful Design Award China, Ethics Ethical Award, Grand Award for Sustainability, BUILD Architecture Awards 2020, Europe 40 Under 40 Awards, Design That Educates Award, Gold Award Design For Asia, Platinum A’Design Award, and German Design Award Excellent Product Design.”


  • Creating a tangible souvenir, Roosegaarde designed the SMOG FREE RING of compressed smog particles. By sharing a SMOG FREE RING you donate 1000 m3 of clean air to the city. SMOG FREE RING is in the permanent art collection of the National Museum Zurich and Stedelijk Amsterdam. Recently Roosegaarde presented a new addition: SMOG FREE BICYCLE. The innovative bicycle inhales polluted air, cleans it, and releases clean air around the cyclist.

  • SMOG FREE TOWER is a 7 meter tall aluminium tower using only 1170 watts of green electricity and positive ionisation technology. The functioning of the SMOG FREE TOWER has been validated by professor Dr. Bert Blocken of the Eindhoven University of Technology and is successfully implemented in South Korea, China, the Netherlands and Poland. The SMOG FREE TOWER is created by Daan Roosegaarde in collaboration with the engineers and designers of Studio Roosegaarde, ENS and till 2013 advisor Ursem. The SMOG FREE RING is designed by Studio Roosegaarde. The SMOG FREE BICYCLE draws its inspiration from the Smog Free workshop in Beijing which featured artist Matt Hope and Professor Yang from Tsinghua University. The SMOG EATING BILLBOARD by UDEM University in Mexico consists of a coated surface that attracts and purifies the particles of contamination by a process called photocatalysis using sun and wind, and provides clean air for 104.000 people each day.


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