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  • “EcoLogic Studio has invented an algae-based ‘cladding’ system, called PhotoSynthetica.

    Large panels (16.2 x 7 metres, or 53 x 23 feet) are attached to new, or old, buildings. They ‘suck in’ unfiltered and polluted air from the street that then rises up through the panels. The algae capture the CO2 and other pollutants and releases photosynthesized oxygen back into the street or the building interior.

    The ever-growing algae are later harvested to produce fertilisers, bio-plastics, cosmetics and more.

    The company claims that two square metres of PhotoSynthetica panels can absorb as much CO2 as a mature tree.”


  • PhotoSynthetica is a photosynthetic building cladding system which uses solar energy to remove CO2 and pollutants from the atmosphere and produce a valuable food resource in the form of algae.

    No product in the construction market can currently offer what our system offers: an attractive, biologically active (BIO) and digitally connected (SMART) design, capable of capturing CO2 and evolving into a carbon negative product over its entire life-cycle.

  • This new composite bio-digital technology combines the aesthetic and material qualities of ETFE cladding – lightweight, robust, transparent and chemically inert – with the natural ability of micro-algae to capture solar radiation and absorb CO2 10 times more efficiently than trees. PhotoSynthetica converts buildings into bio-power plants, carbon sinks and air pollution filters.

    Key Benefits are:
    • Reduced energy consumption
    • Improved urban air quality
    • Carbon sequestration
    • Algae production

    We are thrilled to offer to our early adopters a 50sqm test-bed package including:

    ​• Hardware: Substructure for anchoring to existing or new building, aluminum framing profiles, custom designed ETFE photobioreactors, closed loop algae circulation system, sensors (pH, Temperature, Salinity) and micro-processing unit, lighting system (optional), supply and installation.

    ​• Wetware: Selected micro-algal set-up cultures (200l), initial inoculation service, 3 months set-up maintenance service, regular harvest/maintenance service (optional)

    ​• Software: Full access to algae cultures’ monitoring interface for up to a year, full access to urban carbon tool.

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