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  • “The ‘Cork Booklift’ from Revision is a naturalistic accessory for the home that will provide a dedicated place to position a book between readings to put it on display and much more. The book rest is crafted using a solid block of molded cork that helps to give it a naturalistic aesthetic, while also giving it just the right amount of weight to ensure it can stay in place. This makes it great for use with cookbooks in the kitchen, coffee table books in the living room and beyond.

    The ‘Cork Booklift’ from Revision can also be used as a mount for holding books open when they’re being read or as a solution for positioning a tablet on a user’s lap as they browse.”



  • Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life. We believe that art and creative expression are essential to a healthy and vibrant society, and the space to create requires protection.

    We don’t want art world elites and entertainment executives to define our culture; we want creative people—even those who’ve never made anything before—to take the wheel. We help creators connect directly with their communities, putting power where it belongs.

  • The booklift tilts the book forward 10 degrees reducing glare from overhead lights
    It holds the book 90% of the way open, helping it to stay on the right page
    Flipped over, it’s perfectly flat which works with phones and tablets making gaming, scrolling and Sunday crosswords all more comfortable.

    The cork surface grips the cover with no need for a bottom ledge — protecting the bottom of the book from nicks and dings.
    Perpendicular sides allow it to rest alongside the books on the shelf.


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