Environment Friendly

  • “Fussy shares its deodorant in a sustainable and convenient way thanks to a system that involves natural deodorant blocks that can be slotted into reusable cases made from recycled plastic packaging. These deodorants are designed to be as easy as possible to receive and the brand achieves this with compact letterbox-sized packaging.

    The subscription service helps to make it easy to get regular refills of the natural deodorant blocks, which can be ordered in scents like cedar, cinnamon and patchouli; peppermint, eucalyptus and sage; or vanilla, ylang ylang and star anise. Getting started with the natural, waste-reducing deodorant system starts with choosing a durable and carbon-neutral case with an eye-catching color, plus either the starter pack, trial pack or the scent pack to sample a wider range of the brand’s alluring scents.”



  • Hiya. We’re fussy for you and the planet.
    And we’re on a mission to banish single-use plastic from your bathroom. With simple, high-quality and effective personal care products that are backed by science not buzzwords.
    When we noticed the huge amounts of single-use plastic used in everyday bathroom items like deodorant, we thought there had to be a better way – it turns out there is. We launched as a Kickstarter project in October 2020 where over 8,000 Fussy armpits joined our mission.

  • Reasons to be Fussy

    Plastic-free, compostable refills keep mother nature happy.

    We deliver straight to your armpits whenever you want.

    Science-backed formula leaves you smelling fresh all day.

    All natural, free from aluminium, parabens and 100% vegan.


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