Conservation of Natural Resources

  • “Highland Titles is an organization that lets users buy one square foot of a Scottish estate to become a “”Lord”” or a “”Lady”” and help preserve the natural landscape. Since the ownership of the estate is split among thousands of people, it makes it impossible to sell the estate for the purpose of commercial forestry, development, or farming — the main factors in the loss of the Scottish native Forest, of which only 5 percent remains.

    Highland Titles works to reverse the damage done to the land through centuries of poor forestry and farming practices. Thanks to local support, the organization is removing non-native trees and planing Native Scottish trees in their place — trees that will help natural flora and fauna to return. Highland Titles is also working to conserve and create new wetlands and control invasive plants.”


    Price:Starting $225

  • Our mission is to fund the creation of multiple nature reserves throughout Scotland by selling the most engaging gift in the world.

    Now in our eleventh year, we believe we are well on the way to achieving this, and do not know of another gift company that engages so well and so often with its customers.

    We take huge pride in our mission, as do our customers. Tens of thousands of Lairds, Lords and Ladies have visited our nature reserves, all of whom have strengthened their emotional ties with Scotland.

  • The Highland Titles Nature Reserve at Glencoe Wood was acquired in 2007. It consisted of 250 acres that had long been used for commercial forestry and hill farming. This became the focus of an ambitious long-term project to transform the land into a nature reserve.

    Key objectives for the land included:

    To help preserve and encourage protection of flora and fauna in the West Highland area
    To offer an amenity to the local community
    To provide an education medium for local schools and organisations
    The plans were laid out in full in our first Five-Year Plan, published in 2008. This document reviews our performance against the original goals we set out for conserving the Highland Titles Nature Reserve.

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