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  • “Sustainable knitwear brand Sheep Inc. introduces its new carbon-negative hoodie design. The sweater design removes CO2 from the atmosphere more than it takes to manufacture the item. It starts off at the raw material stage, collecting merino wool from three regenerating sheep stations located in New Zealand.

    It uses progressive land management to feed and graze in order to create the wool. It is then processed across Europe at solar-powered locations this is followed by a chlorine-free treatment known as ‘Eternity X-Care.”” In the last couple of stages, the brand uses a solar-powered knitter from Portugal as well as the inaugural carbon-neutral logistics partner in the UK. The application of the Merino wool creates a self-cleansing ability and no odor retentions.”


    Price:Starting £50

  • Sheep Inc. was born to show there is a better, more progressive way to produce fashion. Where the clothes we buy are no longer part of the problem, but part of the solution.

    We are on a journey. To create clothing from materials that work with nature. Not against it. With design innovation that extends lifespans by generations. Not seasons. Where wearing our clothing, brings us back in touch with nature. Not disconnects us. And where its creation has a naturally regenerative impact on our planet.

    This is what change looks like.
    This is the new frontier.

  • 100% ultra-fine 19.5µ, mulesing free, Merino wool sourced from regenerative sheep stations in New Zealand.

    • Eternity X-Care® yarn spun using 100% renewable energy at Südwolle Yarn Mills in the EU.

    • 2 ply 2/48 12 gauge, gently textured reverse sweatshirt stitch, seamless knit structure. Knitted using Wholegarment® technology using 100% solar power in Portugal.

    • Individually hand-finished “smit mark” detail added to back collar using offshoot yarn for fully circular design thinking.

    • Digital provenance NFC tag made from carbon neutrally produced, castor bean derived Ecopaxx®.


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