by Danielle Alvarado

In recent years, more and more of us are finding gender-specific fashions to be too restrictive for us to express our style. Whether you are gender-fluid or not, non-binary and gender-neutral fashion can do wonders at deconstructing traditional fashion concepts and letting us think out of the box.

As with any clothing, gender neutral clothing is best for the planet and its inhabitants when it’s made sustainably. In this article, we’ll share some of our favourite sustainable non-binary clothing brands we love.

1. TomboyX – Let’s start with the basics – underwear. The Tomboyx website offers different cuts and styles of underwear without labelling them as gender-specific. The bras are for anyone who fancies wearing one! They also offer a line of non-binary period underwear!

2. Riley Studio  – This is a brand that saying no to the restrictions set both by gender-specific clothing and current fashion trends. Their garments are minimalist and have a timeless feel, which means you’ll be able to enjoy their pieces for years to come! Riley Studio uses a wide variety of recycled materials from items which would otherwise go to waste. One of those materials is recycled cashmere – so if you’re avoiding animal-based materials even when they’re recycled, keep that in mind. The brand is based in the UK and ships worldwide.

3. Kirrin FinchKirrin Finch is creating garments inspired by traditional menswear, which is worn by males, females, or people who don’t identify as either of the genders. They offer a variety of fun and professional shirts, basic and statement suits, as well as sweaters, jackets, and accessories to go with it all.

4. Lonely Kids Club – Lonely Kids Club is a well-rounded label with a product range full of non-binary pieces. They use the principles of slow fashion to bring individuality and sustainability into their collections. Aside from sustainable practices and local crafting of their garments, the brand is also a space for mental health advocacy, gender equality and breaking of gender norms and rules. The brand is based in Sydney, Australia and ships worldwide.

5. Olivia Blanc – Sustainable fashion can take all shapes and forms. Olivia Blanc is a brand inspired by streetwear and workwear, that uses recycled and upcycled materials to create their one of a kind, non-binary fashion garments. Thanks to their implementation of recycling and upcycling process, the brand is able to incorporate materials you’d otherwise never see on a clothing rack – such as recycled tarpaulin. The brand is based in New York City, US and ships worldwide.

6. Nudie Jeans – While this brand recently started offering a women’s collection, it started out as, and still largely is a gender-neutral brand. They offer a large non-binary fashion collection of quality denim at a very good price for such a sustainable brand! Nudie jeans are made from high-quality organic cotton awarded with many certifications including Fairtrade, FSC, PEFC, USDA organic and more. If your pair breaks, they have a large network of repair centres where they offer free repairs! If there isn’t a repair center near you, you can order a free repair kit. The transparency of this brand is out of this world. They’re based in Sweden and ship worldwide.

7. Cosmos Studio – Cosmos studio is a brand offering a range of sustainably made t-shirts and shirts made in a non-binary fashion. You could certainly borrow their pieces from your partner if they’re of a different gender – and nobody would know. Aside from creating quality gender-neutral pieces from high-quality natural materials without the use of harsh chemicals, they are also pioneering new technologies previously unseen in sustainable fashion. One of their most innovative methods is the way their garments are dyed – using 95% less water, 70% less chemicals and half the energy.

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