Today almost every person wants to be dubbed a green citizen of the planet. Environment protection highly concerns humanity as we see that the consequences of our negligence are irreparable. That’s why people started to pay attention to environmentally friendly jobs. There are plenty of green careers, and their common goal is to make a positive impact on the Earth. In this article, we will list ten jobs for environmentally conscious people. Here you can find a list of green jobs training programs and choose your future career.

Recycling Worker

Many choose careers in recycling as it doesn’t require expertise and is beneficial for the environment. A recycling career presupposes that you may be a driver, mechanic, manager, sales representative, and sorter. You should be aware of different recyclable material types and know how to sort trash. But every person now must know to sort waste to protect the environment. Recycling work may be your future choice as it has many opportunities for self-development. Every recycling facility needs an executive board, accountant, and many other positions that make it easy to land a green job.

Environmental Scientist

Another great choice for green career seekers is environmental science. They are well-educated in ecology and know what to do to help our planet. If you choose this profession, you should study it at university. Environmental scientists determine hazards for nature, animals, and people and find solutions to overcome them. It also presupposes you collect data, make reports, plans, and communicate with the public. We distinguish different environmental specialists types within this profession, including industrial ecologists, climate change analysts, environmental health and safety specialists, and environmental chemists.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Solar panels are vital for environmental protection, and society needs specialists to install these panels. They set up panels on buildings that help convert sunlight into energy. Solar panels installers’ work environment requires stamina and special training. They may often work outdoors under the burning sun, installing massive constructions. Modern technologies significantly facilitate their work, but you still should be ready to work hard for the sake of ecology.


Hydrologists study water and define if it is contaminated and is dangerous to consume. A hydrologist should be a competent specialist with a university degree. Their work environment is laboratories, offices as well as taking samples in the field. They must collect data and create plans to improve the situation. Their duties also include searching for groundwater. It enables them to travel and discover picturesque places. This job will be in demand in the next few years because of global warming, sea-level rise, and droughts.

Air Quality Engineer

We should know that the green movement presupposes monitoring air quality and defining the level of pollutants that can be dangerous to the living beings on our planet. It’s crucial to persuade governments and businesses to invest in ecology projects and control the level of emissions. An air quality engineer tests the air on toxins and hazardous substances. Then they develop plans to overcome the problem and make the air we breathe clean and safe.

Organic Farmer

Organic food is one of the popular ecology topics today. People engaged in growing organic plants, grains, and livestock are called organic farmers. They limit the use of pesticides, fertilisers, and hormones to produce healthy food. Organic farmers’ work environment is similar to that of ordinary farmers, but they care more about ecology. They should strictly meet required standards and regulations when producing organic food. This profession is in demand in many countries as people pay more attention to their health and environmental protection.

Urban Planner

This green job helps to protect the environment as urban planners care for rational use of land and resources when planning the city. These specialists recommend where to locate infrastructure for the most convenient use and benefit for the environment. If you choose the career of urban planner, you should be ready to prepare plans and studies, create maps and diagrams, and meet with governments and public officials. An urban planner is a well-educated, certified specialist who knows how to meet community needs.

Forest Conservationist

You know that forests worldwide are in danger from deforestation and fires. Trees produce vital oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide. People should pay more attention to forest conservation, and this job is right for those ready to work hard to save trees. You should maintain and improve forest quality, plant trees, and monitor if there are hazards to trees. Forest conservationists should have a school degree and love nature.

Sustainability Consultant

If you choose a sustainability consultant career, you will be responsible for helping businesses become eco-friendly. This specialist knows environmental policy and develops projects to reduce the human footprint on the environment. You should have a special degree to teach companies to work more efficiently, use less energy, consume less, sort and recycle trash. This profession is popular as more companies today want to become environmentally responsible.

Green Blogger

And finally, you can become one of those green bloggers who share ecology topics with the audience. You will raise people’s awareness of environmental problems and teach them how to protect nature. There are different ideas to create videos on the green movement and environmental consciousness. You should get blogger equipment or simply use your phone and desktop. You can create a voice-over video taking footage from the internet and expressing your ideas on the issue.

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